The Zaidis Photographers Abbottabad

The Zaidis Photographers Abbottabad priority is to maintain high-end Fine Art Photography.

So it is our belief that our valued customers prefer consistency. 

Fine Art Photography since 1970, Zaidis Photographers serve's in Abbottabad

For this, we Strive hard to maintain the standards in fine art photography

It is our top priority that our excellent reputation, which has existed right from its foundation in 1904, continues in the future as well.

So this privilege, which is given to our photography by art lovers, is also a kind of tradition that we have earned because of its well-respected legacy.

And, somehow, it is in its deep source, which is our endeavor to maintain photographic excellence.

Primarily, the founder of Zaidis Photographers Abbottabad, Mr. Imtiaz Ali, made his way to this small but beautiful town in the summer of August 1970. This was a decisive arrival and laid the foundation for the family’s business. As of this, which is an association of 53 years with Abbottabad,. A city that has been home to the esteemed Zaidis Photographers ever since.

Therefore, for us, fine art photography is an experience of “pure visual elegance.”

A concept that is always in our practical philosophy. And because of this, which is that the definition is, as an inherent aspect of our craft that shapes our artistic value as well and accordingly.

The Zaidis’ craft of a fine art photograph has its devolve in “the simple aesthetical understanding for the knowing eye.”


The Best Zaidis Photographers Abbottabad Practices for Enhancing Customer Relationships

Crystal Vase
The Vase

This slanted “light” in the vase intrigues me. Its feeling is about the crispiness of the subject and its background. Regarding the shades of white, grey, and black, “The Gradation” is giving it a dimensional look. Its natural contrast and transparency contribute to that. 

How to Leverage Zaidis Photographers Abbottabad Contributions to Fine Art Photography

The Gem

I made this corporate picture of the gem in 2020. However, the aim of this image is to summarize the unique look of the gem’s luminescence.

The decorative memory here, which is a fine art photograph, should serve its purpose of “remembrance.” Correspondingly, artistic creativity is not a basic commodity, but a “customised” choice.

What is Fine Art Photography ?

Fine art photography, like any other art, is praiseworthy to those who relish visual elegance. However, the individuals who can then differentiate between subjective, well-balanced, and effect-making pictures appreciate its complexity.

Portrait of a Baby

Is Zaidis Photographers the right choice for you?

Now Mr. Asad Ali is representing the Zaidis Photographers Abbottabad. Here, we offer a unique quality in fine art photography. Our focus is on portraits and landscapes. However, we also have services related to other fields, including architecture and interiors, in which we can use some very special techniques.

We also have significant expertise in the restoration and scanning procedures of old negatives and pictures converted into digital imagery.

Photography, as a profession, is our heritage, which is learned over the time.

After Mr. Imtiaz, his son Asad Ali enhanced his knowledge and skills by reading books and magazines.

Subsequently, Mr. Asad Ali’s interest grew in some of the old branches of photography.

These are the alternative photography.

Two of Asad Ali’s favorite subjects are gum bichromate printing and color carbon printing. In modern subjects, his immense study is color management, which is extensively vast and innovative.

Mr. Asad Ali considers himself a student of light, and for him, learning will never end. This is because of the passion, which is inherited from a family that has been in this field for almost a century.

Asad Ali Zaidi 2nd
Exploring the Vision of Zaidis Photographers Abbottabad
Reception in Monotone

Mr. Imtiaz Ali Zaidi opened the studio in Abbottabad in August 1970. He has worked hard to maintain the name of the Zaidis. Since then, our name has become famous for the quality of the fine art photography.

As time passed, Asad Ali took over the business after his father passed away in 1995.

Mr Imtiaz .A. Zaidi Photographer
Mr Imtiaz Ali Zaidi

As technology progressed, so did many other aspects of photography.

Name of wood
Name in wood

The priority of Zaidis Photographers Abbottabad is always to serve their customers as better as possible. By focusing on both image quality and photofinishing,.

Equally important is that Zaidis Photographers Abbottabad extends to provide the products which can satisfy customer aesthetics. Creative art is indeed a gift.

Our Reception
How to percieve the Significance of Gum Bichromate : A Journey in History
Gum Bichromate Print
A Mono Tone Gum Print by Asad Ali

Gum print is an old photographic process that uses gum arabic, watercolor pigments, and photosensitive salts.

If simply explained, one can assume that the gum print lies between painting and photography. Asad Ali loves to make gum prints as a personal hobby.

Watercolour Brush
The Beauty and Magic of Color Carbon Print

Carbon print is a pigment process from the 19th century. But the tonal scale of the carbon print surpasses even that of the platinum print. Another quality of carbon prints is their permanence. Of all known photographic processes, experts say that carbon print has the most archival properties.

Asad Ali learned this process and made this tri-color print shown below in 2005. Although Mr. Asad Ali doesn’t practice it now, his inspiration and likeness for the carbon print will remain high for ever.

Color Carbon Print
The Color Carbon Print 2005
High Quality Watercolors

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